Commercial fresh Christmas trees are used for shopping centres and public events. 

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12 Foot (3.66M)


13 Foot (3.96M)


14 Foot (4.27M)


15 Foot (4.60M)



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    Commercial Christmas tree 

    A fresh cut Christmas tree, grown and cared for between 12 to 16 years.

    Optional Collection in January or choose your own date. Collection dates here.


    Please NOTE: 

    Christmas tree stand (cinco 12) may be too small to fit into this tree and may require some cutting of the trunk. 


    The Christmas tree stand may be mounted on a pallet, making the tree taller and covering of the pallet might be required. Please call us to discuss installation requirements.


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    Fresh 13 year old Christmas tree.

    FREE Delivery and Collection in January. Collection dates here.


    NOTE: This is a very arge Christmas tree and may require special equipment to install.


    Please contact us first if installation is required.


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    Being a 14 Foot Christmas tree it has been growing since 2000 in Melbourne. 

    Note: This is a very large Christmas tree and required special equipment for installation such as a crane. At this stage we do not provide installation for this Christmas tree. We can only deliver it. 


    Please contact us for more infromation about this tree or installation. 

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    This is our largest Christmas tree.

    At 4.6 metres tall, it will be ideal for a commercial location or even an outdoor location such as Federation Square or a shopping centre. 


    NOTE: this is a very large Christmas tree that requires a crane for transport and installation. At this moment we only provide delivery and no installation. 




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