Commercial fresh Christmas trees are used for shopping centres and public events. 

Christmas Trees Commercial 12Ft Real Christmas Commercial 13 Ft Melbourne Real Christmas commercial 11Ft Melbourne Real Christmas commercial 15Ft Melbourne

12 Foot (3.66M)


13 Foot (3.96M)


14 Foot (4.27M)


15 Foot (4.60M)



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Bar Code Product name   Price  
Fresh Tree F12 - 3.66M Fresh Christmas tree 12Ft (3.66M)
  • $821.19
Fresh Tree F13 - 3.96M Fresh Christmas tree 13Ft (3.96M)
  • $1,009.85
Fresh Tree F14 - 4.27M Fresh Christmas tree 14Ft (4.27M)
  • $1,079.20
Fresh Tree F15 - 4.60M Fresh Christmas tree 15Ft (4.60M)
  • $1,217.92