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Online orders opened 01st October 2022

Contact email: RealChristmasTreesMelbourne@gmail.com


All Christmas trees are harvested daily and delivered to your home 7 days a week between 25th Nov and 23rd Dec

Customer Google Reviews

Fantastic!!! They do all the work for you, delivery installation and removal in January so all you need to do is decorate and enjoy the smell of Christmas. I found them a couple years ago and will use them every Christmas.

Julie Vranic

We have celebrated Christmas in many countries and have had many different kinds of real trees. Our lovely 6ft tree was delivered on time, the cheerful driver helped set it up for no charge and for the past nearly 3 weeks it has been an absolute joy; it still smells heavenly. World class service and a stunning tree. Thanks

Erica Gay Woods

I have ordered two years in a row and could not be happier. Delivered on time, setup and details given to prolong the trees life. It was amazing, bushy, lush, green and huge. Also the scent of pine in my house is great. Highly recommend. Will order again and again and again. The price is worth it. A real tree is far better than a fake tree. I am now hooked. Thank you to the team. Christmas is just that little bit extra special. Thanks.

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