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Premium trees

Premium trees



Our most popular trees are found right here!


It’s time to reject the tackiness of artificial trees. Our premium Christmas trees are perfect for those who want to adorn their homes with only the most elegant fresh specimens, grown just outside of Melbourne. Sporting more luxuriant foliage than our Traditional trees, each tree is hand-selected by the lead farmer to ensure only the finest real Christmas trees are brought to your home.


Can’t decide on which size to choose? Simply measure your ceiling height and select a size that allows room for a tree topper and stand. Feel free to move the furniture around! After all, a festive home is one that positions the tree in the spot where it’s happy and can truly shine.


Looking for traditional Christmas trees? Check out our traditional Christmas tree range for the cheapest Christmas trees in Melbourne.


Images are for illustration purposes only. The Australian standard celling height is 2.40 metres, however there are 2.5, 2.7 and 3 metre ceilings. It is best to check your celling height before ordering the larger Christmas tree.

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Bar Code Product name   Price  
Premium Tree F3-0.90M Premium Christmas tree 3Ft (0.90M)
  • $79.45
Premium Tree F4-1.22M Premium Christmas tree 4Ft (1.22M)
  • $101.26
Premium Tree F5-1.52M Premium Christmas tree 5Ft (1.52M)
  • $116.12
Premium tree F5.5-1.68M Premium Christmas tree 5.5Ft (1.68M)
  • $135.25
Premium tree F6-1.83M Premium Christmas tree 6Ft (1.83M)
  • $156.75
Premium Tree F7-2.13M Premium Christmas tree 7Ft (2.13M)
  • $191.43
Fresh Tree F8 - 2.44 M Premium Fresh Christmas tree 8Ft (2.44M) (sold out)
  • $256.62