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FAQ - Real Christmas Trees Melbourne

All Christmas trees are cut on the day of your delivery date so you will receive a fresh Christmas tree just as if you went to the farm yourself.


What type of Christmas tree do you grow? 

We grown the Pinus Radiata variety at our farm which is a softwood where they love good rainfall and good soil. With these two very important elements required for a healthy Christmas tree, a mature tree would be at least 5 years old before harvesting. 


Best way to look after a real and fresh Christmas tree:

-       Keep it in water at all times.

-       Place it in a shaded place and the coolest place in your home away from direct sun light and heating elements.

-       Avoid afternoon sunshine as this will age the Christmas tree prematurely.

-       Now and then you may want to spray water mist on the Christmas tree leaves to simulate rain.


Optional: (when the tree starts to dry out)


-       Drill holes into the bottom of the trunk to get fresh water flowing into the tree. (does not require to take the tree out of the stand)


-       Saw off a 2cm off the trunk so the tree can have fresh water absorption. (requires the tree to be removed from the stand) 


(A real Christmas tree is like a real fresh flower in a vase full of water.)


How long does a Real Christmas tree last?

A well looked after Christmas tree will last up to 30 days. 

Our Christmas trees are of the highest quality and have been looked after with great care throughout its life and will continue in your home.


Dry needles inside a real Christmas tree. 

Paul an experienced Christmas tree grower says it's normal and explains why this happens.



Real Christmas tree vs Artificial Christmas tree

First of all, artificial Christmas trees are made out of non-renewable petroleum.


- Artificial Christmas trees are made out of plastic oils which are harmful to the environment.

- Real Christmas trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

- Artificial Christmas trees are not recyclable and end up in the land fill forever as they do not disintegrate.

- Real Christmas trees will disintegrate into the earth.

- Artificial Christmas trees are made overseas not supporting Australian economy.

- Real Christmas trees are Australian grown and owned.

- In case of a fire, artificial Christmas trees burn easier and produce toxic fumes which are very harmful.

- Real fresh Christmas trees are less likely to catch on fire as it is living plant and the wood is still wet inside. 





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